Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Highland Clearances on Isle of Raasay

South Screapadal, Raasay.

North and South Screapadal are just two of the villages on the Isle of Raasay which no longer exist due to the Highland Clearances which devastated many parts of Scotland. Raasay is a fantastic place to visit, with many beautiful walks and historical sites round every corner. Everyone should try and read the fabulous Calums Road, to find out more about the Island and this special man!

Ruins at Hallaig, Raasay.

Dun Caan from Loch na Mna, Raasay.

Dun Caan from Hallaig Raasay

Cooking Mussels at Brochel, Raasay.

Brochel Castle, Isle of Raasay.

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