Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sanna Bay Ardnamurchan Point Scotland

Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan Point, Scotland.

It's a long drive out to the Westernmost point in Scotland at Ardnamurchan, where most people visit the famous lighthouse. It is well worth seeking out Sanna Bay to enjoy a walk on the lovely sandy beaches.

Alternatively, take a yacht trip along the marvellous coastline and venture out to some of the beautiful islands.

Sands at Sanna Bay.

Ardnamurchan Point.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

View from Lochnagar

View from Lochnagar.

The magnificent mountain of Lochnagar has to be climbed to appreciate the best views. It is hot work though!

Cooling down on Lochnagar!

Lochnagar cliffs.

Bunessan Isle of Mull

Bunessan, Isle of Mull.

Exploring the islands and coast of Scotland is done best by yacht. On a short trip in 2009, we sailed from Oban round the Isle of Mull and over to Ardnamurchan. Spending the evening aboard at Bunessan was a real pleasure before heading to Staffa the following day. My son Gary thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Sunset Bunessan, Isle of Mull.

The happy crew Bunessan.

Gary at the helm!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fingals Cave Staffa May 2009

Fingals Cave, Staffa, May 2009.

For long as I can remember, I've wanted to visit Fingals Cave on Staffa. A ferry can be taken from Ulva Ferry on Mull or Fionnphort where the Iona Ferry departs. On a yachting trip in May 2009, I'd hoped to be able to land on the island, but the seas were too rough! I'll make it happen some day!


Staffa, May 2009.

View from Creach Bheinn Isle of Mull

View from Creach Bheinn, Isle of Mull.

Not the biggest hill on the Isle of Mull but a lovely viewpoint to the sea lochs and ocean surrounding this special island. We very much enjoyed our walk on Creach bheinn and certainly enjoyed the view!

From Creach Bheinn, Isle of Mull.

Loch Spelve from Creach Bheinn.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cuillin Ridge Skye from Elgol

Cuillin Ridge Skye from Elgol.

One of the best places on Earth, the Cuillin Ridge provides a challenge for walkers and climbers that many choose to accept. If you'd prefer not to, then a boat ride from Elgol will take you into the heart of the Cuillin with no effort. The trip is well worthwhile!

Sgurr na Stri, Isle of Skye.

Druim nan Ramh Ridge on the Cuillin.

The Cuillin Ridge, Skye.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walk Bodesbeck Law Scotland

Walk Bodesbeck Law Scotland.

A short walk on Bodesbeck Law on 12th September 2010, saw us complete the Donalds, Lowland hills above 2000 feet in Scotland. Some regard 'bagging' hills as crude and pointless. Personally, I see it as a way of adding structure to my hobby which I am passionate about. It has also let my wife and I explore the whole of our country in pursuit of climbing all the hills in Scotland.

Does a pleasant two hour walk on the Donald of Bodesbeck Law match an eleven hour day on the Glen Affric Munros, or a scramble on the Cuillin Ridge. Perhaps not, but it's each to his own, and I want to do all three!

If you find yourself near the Grey Mares Tail waterfall near Moffat in the Scottish Borders, then Bodesbeck Law provides a nice walk on a good track affording lovely views of the Borders countryside! Enjoy your walk as much as I did - even without the dram of Macallan at the summit!

Hart Fell from Bodesbeck Law.

A rest on Bodesbeck Law.

Swatte Fell from Bodesbeck Law.

A Macallan on summit of Bodesbeck Law.

A small dram for the Last Donald!

Walk Hart Fell Scotland

Walk Hart Fell, Scotland.

A lovely walk on 11th September 2010 in the Scottish Borders. The goal was two Donalds, Saddle Yolk and Swatte Fell, but the easiest way to climb them both, meant crossing over the Corbett of Hart Fell. The trip was a natural horseshoe and a brilliant days walking.

Starting at Capplegill farm we were entertained by some Belted Galloway cattle which were in a frisky mood! We took to the ridge of Saddle Yoke and my frisky mood disappeared as the gradient steepened somewhat! The views back down the valley towards Moffat gave us a vivid contrast between the green fields and the grassy hillside. On reaching Saddle Yoke, we were met by the second ruminants of the day, as two sheep looked puzzled as to why humans would want to climb hills!

An easy descent was followed by breathtaking views back down the Blackhope burn to where we had stared the day. An easy pull saw us up to the summit trig point on Hart Fell. The ridge continued on to Swatte Fell and we met some Wild Goats on our descent back to Capplegill. They didn't seem frightened as I pictured them, but bolted as soon as I spoke.

We have climbed Hart Fell from the West many years ago, but I would definitely recommend this route. We took four and a half hours for the round trip.

Enjoy your walk on Hart Fell, Scotland!

Belted Galloways at Capplegill Farm

Bodesbeck farm from Saddle Yoke.

Sheep on Summit Saddle Yoke

Swatte Fell from Saddle Yoke.

Blackhope Burn, Scottish Borders.

Summit Trig Point, Hart Fell.

Wild Goats on Swatte Fell.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blaven on the Isle of Skye

Blaven on the Isle of Skye.

Blaven on the Isle of Skye is one of the iconic mountains of Scotland. The ridge from Clach Glas over to Blaven is a classic expedition requiring a good head for heights! On this day, we took a walk from Elgol to Sligachan with friend, Norrie Shand and his Golden Retriever called Blaven. A terrific walk!

Clach Glas to Blaven ridge.

Blaven the retriever meets Blaven the mountain.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Stone Chute Sgurr Alasdair Isle of Skye

Great Stone Chute, Sgurr Alasdair.

What can I say about the great stone chute on Sgurr Alasdair, other than it is more fun coming down than going up!

Cuillin Ridge, Great Stone Chute, Sgurr Alasdair.

Can you guess this mountain in Scotland

Can you guess this mountain in Scotland?

The answer is Marsco, taken from the South. I was impressed by the profile of the mountain!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winter conditions on Stob Binnein

Winter conditions on Stob Binnein.

An unforgetable Winter walk in February 2010 over the munros of Ben More and Stob Binnein. The conditions were perfect and I don't think I've seen a sky so blue in all my walks in Scotland!

Blue sky over the Crianlarich Hills.

Stob Binnein from Ben More, 20th February 2010.

Snow sculpture, Ben More.

Ben Vorlich February 2010

Ben Vorlich, February 2010.

We're so often heading West to climb hills in Scotland, that the drive by Loch Earn becomes very familiar. It is always a pleasure though, to see the graceful Ben Vorlich. At least if Ben Vorlich is clear, the probability is that other munros will be too!

Loch Earn, February 2010.

Loch Earn and Ben Vorlich.

Summit Ben More 20th February 2010

Summit Ben More, 20th February 2010.

You really feel privileged to stand on the summit of a mountain in Scotland in conditions like we enjoyed on Ben More, Crianlarich on 20th February 2010.

I think the photographs tell it all.

View from Ben More Crianlarich, February 2010.

Ben Nevis from Ben More, February 2010.

The Crianlarich Hills from Ben More.