Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Suilven from the East

Suilven from the East.

What can I say about the iconic mountain of Suilven in Sutherland, Scotland other than just climb it yourself.

Anything I say about the views and the experience just won't be believed.

Enjoy the walk!

The Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine

The Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine.

One of my favourite munros, The Saddle is everything that is good about hillwalking in Scotland! The stalkers path makes for easy walking, the frisson of excitement on the ridge and the summit views make for a superb day out! I'll be there or thereabouts on 3rd January 2010, so hoping for those sumnit views!

Five Sisters of Kintail, Scotland.

Our last munro was on the five sisters in 1999, so they will always hold fond memories!

Beinn a' Chaolais Isle of Jura Scotland

Beinn a' Chaolais, Isle of Jura, Scotland.

My recent trip to climb the Paps of Jura have left me wondering why I don't spend more time on the many Islands around Scotland. Beinn a' Chaolais was misty on top, but by the time I'd completed the walk over the Paps, the weather and views were marvellous!

Mamores from the West Highland Way

Mamores from the West Highland Way.

The Mamores are a fantastic ridge walk featuring ten munros that can be accomplished in one trip if you have the inclination! They are well presented from the West Highland Way after rising from Glencoe by the Devils Staircase. Not on this dreich January day though!

Suilven Cul Mor and Cul Beag

Suilven, Cul Mor and Cul Beag.

It really doesn't get any better in Scotland than climbing the hills of Sutherland. The proximity of the sea, the many lochans, the hills seeming to rise from nowhere - I can't put my finger on it, but I know that my heart sings when I'm there.

Rannoch Moor Scotland

Rannoch Moor, Scotland.

The iconic Rannoch Moor in Scotland, taken during a walk on Stob a'Choire Odhair and Stob Ghabhar, two wonderful munros in the Central Highlands

Caithness hills 1st July 2009

Maiden Pap, Caithness, Scotland.

Maiden Pap viewed from a prehistoric monument, a wheelhouse, on 1st July 2009. The destination was the graham of Morven and then on to Scaraben. The fantastic weather made this one of our best days walking in the hills of Caithness, Scotland!

Morven, Caithness Scotland.

Scaraben from Morven, Caithness.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Isle of Ulva Monument to Lachlan MacQuarie

Isle of Ulva Monument to Lachlan MacQuarie.

The Isle of Ulva off the West Coast of Mull is one of the great secrets of Scotland. I have visited the Island many times and still haven't scratched the surface. Not many people in Scotland will have heard of Lachlan MacQuarie, but the citizens of Australia hold him in high esteem!

Ormaig, Isle of Ulva.

Isle of Ulva off Mull.

More pictures of Ulva.

Beinn Talaidh from Creach Bheinn Isle of Mull

Beinn Talaidh from Creach Bheinn, Isle of Mull!

A beautiful day on the Isle of Mull to climb the graham of Creach Bheinn. A view across to another favourite hill of Beinn Talaidh is a just reward for a steep climb.

We were grateful for a lift and the company of Rachel and her dogs, who showed true Scottish hospitality when we were stranded without public transport at Craignure. Just another adventure with luck on our side!

If you'd like a self catering cottage on the Isle of Mull, try The Old Stables for cosy accommodation!

Please let me chase the deer on Mull!

Summit Creach Bheinn, Isle of Mull.

Yachting in the Sound of Mull

Yachting in the Sound of Mull.

A lovely few days spent yachting out of Oban in 2009, including a trip down the Sound of Mull, providing different views of this fantastic island off the West Coast of Scotland.

For accommodation on Mull enjoy The Old Stables!

Beinn Talaidh from Sound of Mull.

Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Loch Quoich 25th June 2010

Loch Quoich 25th June 2010.

I always enjoy travelling along Loch Quoich on the way to Kinlochhourn, one of the gateways to Knoydart. The hills are so familiar and beckon you westward for certain adventure. I was glad that I took the afternoon off on Friday 25th June 2010 as we enjoyed a super evening walk on Meall nan Eun.

Loch Quoich, Scotland.

Gairich above Loch Quoich.

Site of Rock Ness Dores Loch Ness.

Site of Rock Ness, Dores, Loch Ness.

Drove past Dores on Loch Ness yesterday, the site of the Music Festival, Rock Ness. I've never visited the festival, but what a fantastic setting on the shores of Loch Ness!

Loch Ness 27th June 2010.

Loch Ness.

House of Bruar 27th June 2010

House of Bruar 27th June 2010.

We paid a visit to the falls of Bruar on Sunday 27th June 2010. Whilst we resisted the temptation of shopping in this excellent facility, literally hundreds of other people didn't. It does disappoint me that only a handful of people take the walk up to the graceful waterfalls, most preferring to walk the shop aisles.

If you are ever travelling north on the A9 in Scotland, take some time out and visit this lovely spot!

Falls of Bruar walk.

Bruar water stone arch.

Lower falls, Bruar.

Upper falls Bruar.

Canyoning in Perthshire 27th June 2010

Canyoning in Perthshire, 27th June 2010.

On the way home from a weekend walking in Knoydart, we stopped at Bruar in North Perthshire to take a walk by the beautiful waterfalls and forest walks. We ended up doing 13km and never saw another soul after we left the waterfall path.

We were entertained as we walked by the river by a group canyoning! They would certainly have needed the wetsuits!

Canyoning in Perthshire, Scotland.

Canyoning on Bruar Water, North Perthshire.

Loch Hourn and the Isle of Skye 25th June 2010

Loch Hourn and the Isle of Skye 25th June 2010.

A fantastic evening on the graham of Meall nan Eun, Knoydart, Scotland on 25th June 2010. What better view could you possibly have than that looking over Loch Hourn to the distant Skye Cuillin mountains. Unforgettable!

Skye Cuillin from Meall nan Eun, Knoydart.

Loch Hourn from Meall nan Eun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monty Halls Bothy in Applecross.

When Monty Halls chose Applecross as his base for spending a summer in a Bothy, he couldn't have chosen a better situation. Looking out over Raasay must be one of the best views in Scotland. Aided by a RIB, travelling over to Skye must have been a real pleasure.

There are those that say that he spent most of the time in the Pub, that his girlfriend worked in the local Hotel and that he was AWOL for most of the time. I think that these people are just plain jealous that they didn't think of that wheeze first. I do know from visiting the project in the following March that he wouldn't have lasted a Winter in Scotland.

Monty Halls Bothy.

Big Sand, Applecross.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steall Waterfall Glen Nevis Scotland

Steall Waterfall, Glen Nevis, Scotland.

The wonderful Steall Waterfall and Wire Bridge in Glen Nevis, Scotland. It is a relatively short walk from the head of Glen Nevis to the waterfall, but it is possible to venture far deeper into the Glen along a right of way in the shadow of Ben Nevis.

Steall Waterfall.

Map by Bing Maps.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's Cave in Scotland

Near Prince Charlie's cave 3rd May 2010.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's cave?

Bonny Prince Charlie's Cave?

Loch Beoraid near Prince Charlie's Cave.

Map by Bing Maps.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caledonian Canal leaving Inverness Scotland

Caledonian Canal leaving Inverness, Scotland.

An unforgettable day on Saturday 19th June 2010, leaving Inverness on a beautiful Cabin Cruiser along the Caledonian Canal. It really is an experience that every visitor to Scotland should enjoy!

Dochgarroch Lock, Caledonian Canal, Scotland.

Reaching Loch Ness on the Caledonian Canal.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kilbo Ruin Glen Prosen Angus Scotland

Kilbo Ruin, Glen Prosen, Angus, Scotland.

What a lovely camping site to wake up at Kilbo ruin in Glen Prosen, one of the lovely Angus Glens in Scotland. We had camped here prior to climbing the munros of Dreish and Mayar by the superb Kilbo path. A very gradual ascent sees the completion of these rolling hills without ever getting out of breath. Be careful though in poor weather conditions or these two hills will give you a nasty surprise!

The South Esk at Kilbo, Glen Prosen.

Glen Prosen from Kilbo Ruin.

Map by Bing Maps.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beinn an Oir The Paps of Jura Scotland

Beinn an Oir, The Paps of Jura, Scotland.

The wonderful Paps of Jura, on the Isle of Jura off the West coast of Scotland! A wonderful day spent walking these hills on 9th June 2010.

Beinn an Oir, Beinn a'Chaolais and Beinn Shiantaidh collectively known as the Paps make for a marvellous days walking, with tremendous views.

Beinn a' Chaolais, The Paps of Jura.

Beinn Shiantaidh, The Paps of Jura.

Beinn Shiantaidh, Paps of Jura.