Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walk Bodesbeck Law Scotland

Walk Bodesbeck Law Scotland.

A short walk on Bodesbeck Law on 12th September 2010, saw us complete the Donalds, Lowland hills above 2000 feet in Scotland. Some regard 'bagging' hills as crude and pointless. Personally, I see it as a way of adding structure to my hobby which I am passionate about. It has also let my wife and I explore the whole of our country in pursuit of climbing all the hills in Scotland.

Does a pleasant two hour walk on the Donald of Bodesbeck Law match an eleven hour day on the Glen Affric Munros, or a scramble on the Cuillin Ridge. Perhaps not, but it's each to his own, and I want to do all three!

If you find yourself near the Grey Mares Tail waterfall near Moffat in the Scottish Borders, then Bodesbeck Law provides a nice walk on a good track affording lovely views of the Borders countryside! Enjoy your walk as much as I did - even without the dram of Macallan at the summit!

Hart Fell from Bodesbeck Law.

A rest on Bodesbeck Law.

Swatte Fell from Bodesbeck Law.

A Macallan on summit of Bodesbeck Law.

A small dram for the Last Donald!


Mrs. said...

Completely lovely!! The last dram and all!!

Anonymous said...

Both the walk & the dram look good!