Monday, September 6, 2010

Horses by Victoria Bridge River Dee

Horses by Victoria Bridge, River Dee.

There are a number of lovely walks around Mar Lodge, near Linn of Dee, Braemar, Scotland. Victoria Bridge crosses the River Dee to take you to the magnificent Mar Lodge.

The horses pictured were enjoying a lovely sunny day on 3rd September 2010, as we started our walk through the grounds and out on to the open hill above the Lodge. You can vary the walks to make them as short or as long as you wish! The wildlife in the area is magnificent - I've seen golden eagle soaring, red deer crossing the Dee in single file, adders scuttling into the heather and salmon leaping in the waterfalls at the Linn of Dee - unforgettable memories!

Victoria Bridge, River Dee.

Blooming heather on Deeside.

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