Sunday, January 24, 2010

Southern Upland Way Welcome to the Scottish Borders

Southern Upland Way, Welcome to the Scottish Borders.

Nice walk today in the Scottish Borders, incorporating part of the Southern Upland Way, long distance footpath crossing Scotland. The route, starting at Potburn, took us over the Graham, Ettrick Pen, on to the Donalds, Wind Fell and Loch Fell before dropping down to pick up the Southern Upland Way.

Summit Cairn, Ettrick Pen.

Nice temperature on the way up the hill, but very chilly on top!

Over Phawhope Bothy, Southern Upland Way.

Nice welcoming Bothy at Over Phawhope with kindling for the fire. It's an MBA Bothy and open to any walkers!

Trig Point on Loch Fell, Scotish Borders.

A long tramp in the snow brought us to the last hill of the day, Loch Fell.

Over Phawhope Bothy, Scottish Borders.

Derelict House at Potburn, Scottish Borders.

It really depresses me when I see empty properties that could provide someone with a great home. They are most common on large Estates where the owners have more money than common sense!

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Suzi! (_STFU_ on twitter) said...

Absolutely stunning photo's. I long to go to Scotland to hear the language and meet the people, to watch the wildlife and see the landscape. God bless you for sharing!