Monday, August 9, 2010

Cramalt Craig Scottish Borders

Cramalt Craig, Scottish Borders.

A great day for a lovely walk in the Scottish Borders on 8th August 2010. Our first objective was Cramalt Craig, and an easy angled ridge combined with freash legs saw us reach the summit in an hour. Views over to the Corbett of Broad Law to the West, and to St. Mary's Loch and the Megget reservoir to the South East.

Our route headed over Dun Law and Notman Law, amongst carpets of cloudberries, to the Donald of Greenside Law. Crossing the excellent track out to the Megget reservoir, we went bog hopping to the next summit of Black Law. We went along to the higher spot height just to make sure we'd climbed to the summit! Returning to the excellent track, we were rewarded on our trip back to the Megget reservoir with an array of wild flowers, with the Scottish Bluebell being prominent along with yarrow and tormentil.

A walk along the Megget reservoir saw us return to our starting point after 5 hours and 20 Kilometres. A really nice walk on a beautiful day.

Scottish Bluebells in the Borders, 8th August 2010.

Cloudberry in the Scottish Borders.

Black Law, Scottish Borders, 8th August 2010.

Track to the Megget Reservoir from Black Law.

Megget Reservoir 8th August 2010.

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RamblingTart said...

It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to go on a walking tour of Scotland. :-) One of my brothers is there now, and one day I hope to make this dream of mine a reality. In the meantime, I will bask in these wonderful photos. :-)