Monday, November 1, 2010

Bishop Hill and Loch Leven from Vane Farm walk

Bishop Hill and Loch Leven from Vane Farm walk.

A great day out on Friday 29th October 2010, with a visit and walk at Vane Farm Nature Reserve, Loch Leven, followed by a walk up Bishop Hill on the other side of the Loch.

We were well impressed by the set up at Vane Farm with cameras covering the Loch, providing excellent views of the myriad of wildfowl. A nice warming plate of soup set us up for the woodland walk behind the Reserve, providing great views over the Loch. A distant Bishop Hill, one I've always wanted to climb, wavered in and out of the mist, but we were glad to climb it later and could only imagine what superb views could be had on a clearer day.

Near the Summit of Bishop Hill.

Kinnesswood below Bishop Hill.

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