Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ben Nevis 20th July 2011

Nearing the summit Ben Nevis 20th July 2011.

Michael Anderson, ably assisted by Meg and Lucy as he approaches the summit of Ben Nevis on 20th January 2011. Michael has the slight disadvantages of being deaf and blind, but these and the other minor inconvenience of being 70 years of age didn't put Michael off climbing the highest mountain in the UK on behalf of DeafBlind Scotland.

Organised expertly by Nina and Fiona, the party was led superbly by Lucy @snoweider. Other volunteers Meg, Phil and yours truly helped out in what was truly a memorable day!

Michael completed the climb in 17 hours 40 minutes and I confess to being humbled in his presence. Not once did I hear a word of complaint in spite of occasional bumped shins and wayward instructions. A truly exceptional man.

The side story was that Jim from Erskine, who joined us along the way to celebrate his 76th Birthday had a wee turn near the summit and was helped down the hill by Meg and myself before we reached the top. Never have so many offers of chocolate been given by so many to so few! Just as well that Nina wasn't providing the assistance!

I enjoyed a tremendous day in great company with kind people. I also managed to squeeze in sightings of heron, baby owls and a pine marten near the Visitor centre before we even started! There's definitely something to be said about getting up at 4am! Finished off the long day by visiting Loch Arkaig, Loch Ness and Glencoe as tourist guide to couple who helped get Jim down the mountain. Man that beer tasted good in the Kingshouse!

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