Friday, December 4, 2009

Walk Loch Ordie Perthshire Scotland

Walk Loch Ordie, Perthshire, Scotland.

The walk from Dunkeld to Loch Ordie in Perthshire is a splendid half day out. There are a network of trails leading to Loch Ordie and beyond. There is such a variety of wildlife including ospreys fishing on the various Lochs and nesting nearby.

Walking past Loch Ordie on to Sarah's Bothy takes you deeper into the wilds of Perthshire, where this excellent bothy provides shelter for the night if you so wish. Camping here is a real pleasure as well with a spring nearby for fresh water. An unforgettable sight is the blooming purple heather, which is so vivid that it seems somehow unreal!

Bothy at Loch Ordie, Dunkeld, North Perthshire.

The fishing bothy at Loch Ordie requires permission to stay in from the local Estate.

Sarah's Bothy, North Perthshire, Scotland.

Sarah's Bothy is an open Bothy allowing visitors to stay the night. It is worth spending the night in the area to watch the glorious sunset!

Sunset Sarah’s Bothy, Dunkeld, Perthshire.

Ben Vrackie from Lochan Oisinneach Mor, North Perthshire.

Visit Scotland have prepared a nice guide to walks around Birnam and Dunkeld, which includes the walk around Loch Ordie.

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How absolutely beautiful. The scenery is stunning. Thank you for pointing me towards this post via Twitter.

CJ xx