Monday, March 22, 2010

Bernera Barracks Glenelg Scotland

Bernera Barracks, Glenelg, Scotland.

OK, so it's just a ruin that you can't even gain access to, but Bernera Barracks at Glenelg are still an important part of the History of Scotland.

Following the Battle of Glen Shiel in 1719, and other uprisings associated with the Jacobite Rebellions, military roads were constructed across the Highlands and Hanoverian government troops were stationed at strategic locations including Ruthven which are better preserved than Bernera.

I always think about the Hanoverian troops that were stationed in these Barracks! Did they enjoy a posting to the cold, hostile environment that is Winter in the Scottish Highlands? Did they enjoy chasing hairy Scotsmen over the hills and mountains? Did they risk being stabbed by going for a pint in the local hostelry? Maybe not!

Bernera Barracks at Glenelg.

Bernera Barracks Glenelg.

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