Monday, March 22, 2010

Broch of Dun Telve Glenelg

Broch of Dun Telve, Glenelg.

I love visiting Brochs in Scotland! They really get my imagination going as to how people lived their lives many years ago. Reckoned to have been built and lived in between 1900 and 2300 years ago, it's great to see how the workmanship has lasted.

Glenelg has two of the best preserved Brochs in Scotland in Dun Telve and Dun Troddan. They are definitely worth a visit!

Map by Bing Maps.

Glenelg Broch, Dun Telve.

Dun Telve, Glenelg.

Brochs in Scotland, Dun Telve.

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