Friday, July 9, 2010

Walking the Cuillin Ridge Skye

Walking the Cuillin Ridge, Skye.

The misty Isle of Skye certainly lives up to its name, especially at the height of the Cuillin Ridge. It really does feel spooky, walking in silence through the mist up on the ridge.

Navigation becomes an exercise in survival rather than the normal good fun. With a magnetic effect from the rock making compass bearings questionable, doubts are easily raised in the mind as to the route ahead! On our first visit to Sgurr nan Eag, we were making our way along the ridge to the next top, when we found ourselves back at the summit of Sgurr nan Eag! You really have to concentrate hard in the mist, so go prepared and keep safe!

Walking on the Cuillin Ridge.

Ascending Sgurr nan Eag, Cuillin Ridge, Skye.

Loch Coir a'Ghrunnda, Skye, Cuillin.

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