Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strath Rannoch looking to Beinn A' Chaisteil

Strath Rannoch looking to Beinn A' Chaisteil.

A perfect day walking and cycling to the Grahams of Carn Loch nan Amhaichean and Beinn nan Eun. A bumpy cycle ride along the beautiful Strath Rannoch, before ascending the long ridge to the summit of Carn Loch nan Amhaichean.

Carn Loch nan Amhaichean.

From there, we skirted the circular Loch crossing peat hag to the steep approach to Beinn nan Eun.

Beinn nan Eun from Carn Loch nan Amhaichean.

Another wonderful day in the Highlands of Scotland!

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