Friday, November 27, 2009

Classic Hill Runs and Races in Scotland

Classic Hill Runs and Races in Scotland.

Steven Fallon has been attracted to the Scottish Hills throughout his life. Bagging Munros became a virtual obsession, resulting in him completing 14 Munro rounds (the world record!) and qualifying as a mountain guide. Hill running was found to be the most enjoyable and quickest way to get round the Munros which in turn led him into competitive hill racing and mountain marathons.

Hill running is a great way to see more of our stunning countryside without the need for long days back-packing. With routes to introduce the hill-running novice to the activity, right up to long challenges for even the most experience runner, this guide seeks to select the finest routes and races throughout Scotland. This guide contains 35 hill-running and 35 hill-racing routes from all over Scotland. The routes are grouped into 7 regions similar to those in the Pocket Mountains hill walking books. In each region there are 10 routes. Each chapter begins with a couple of short, straightforward routes, then builds up through slightly tougher routes lasting an hour or two. The chapters are rounded off with long classic routes to challenge yourself on, each taking several hours to run over. Included with each route is a map showing the basic outline of the course along with some key details.

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