Monday, November 2, 2009

Rainbow in Glen Markie 2nd November

Rainbow in Glen Markie, 2nd November.

Mixed day weather-wise climbing Geal Charn ( Monadh Liath ) by the route up Glen Markie. This rainbow was a reward for just getting out there despite the weather!

The water flowing over the Spey dam was just mesmeric and when I learn to upload videos, you'll agree with me! We headed up Glen Markie until the Piper's burn where we crossed knee deep. a friendly local farmer had mentioned that there is a small metal bridge a further kilometre along the track in case the water is too deep when you try this walk!

Now most Geal Charn's get a bad press, but a superb Corrie with nestling Lochan and an excellent walk up Glen Markie, made this a really nice walk! Views from the top - nil - but a very impressive Cairn, and you've got to remember, this was the 2nd November in Scotland!

Spey dam, 2nd November.

Lochan a Choire, Geal Charn, 2nd November.

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Holiday Cottage Scotland said...

I had never heard of Glen Markie and your article intrigued me enough to look it up on Google Maps. So, thanks for sharing the info and photos.