Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Trout and Wild Garlic

Of Trout and Wild Garlic.

Delightful walk this morning to pick some wild garlic, for my next batch of wild garlic and potato soup. We're lucky that such a large patch grows close to my home, alongside a burn that is very dear to me.

As a boy, one of my first fishing expeditions was close to where this picture was taken. The thrill of a trout biting had me so exited that I pulled the rod away before the fish was on. The worm was down to half size, but I persisted and sure enough, another quiver of the rod saw me lift the rod, but again with no success. The poor excuse of a worm that was left surely wouldn't interest a fish, but again I plopped the hook into the same stretch of water. This time, there would be no mistake as I felt the fish take. I gave the rod an almighty heave out of the water and the trout took to the skies as my line broke! Slightly nonplussed, I went in search of the trout to find it thirty yards away! Never had anything tasted so good as my mother served up trout in oatmeal that evening!

Ramson leaves before flowering.

Michelin star chef Jeremy Wares assures me that it's best to collect wild garlic leaves before the plant flowers to get the full flavour in the leaves.

Wild garlic or ramson.

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