Monday, April 12, 2010

Summit of Stob Ghabhar

Summit of Stob Ghabhar.

I couldn't believe how close to the edge of the summit ridge of Stob Ghabhar, that some people had been walking! The cornice was well developed and stable, but it is still an accident waiting to happen. Just don't take the risk, over compensate if you need to, but we don't want any more fatalities in the Scottish mountains!

Stob a Choire Odhair from Stob Ghabhar.

The view over Rannoch Moor from both mountains was really sublime!

View to Stob Ghabhar from Allt Ghabhar.

A lovely Highland burn rushing down with Spring melt water. Cool and refreshing on a lovely hot day!


william said...

absolutely breathtaking :)

PurestGreen said...

Beautiful photos! And a good warning to people about safety in the mountains.