Friday, April 30, 2010

Rainbow at Glenfinnan Scotland

Rainbow at Glenfinnan, Scotland.

I think we see a rainbow once every two or three walks in Scotland, this one appearing at Glenfinnan in August 2009.We enjoyed a walk over the Grahams of Meall nan Damh and Glas Bheinn. The day started out fairly wet, but as often happens in the West of Scotland, the skies clear to provide a lovely afternoon and evening.

We had a few risky burn crossings, using a fallen tree at one point, but the high rainfall in this Glen has been harnessed for Hydro power. Just as we finished the walk we spoke to workmen trying to get the plant to work again as the rainfall had been too high and caused a failure!

Glenfinnan from Glas Bheinn.

Glas Bheinn from Meall nan Damh.

Maps by Bing Maps.

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