Saturday, February 27, 2010

Highland Park 35 year old whisky

Highland Park 35 year old whisky.

The legend that is Fraser Morrison from the Edrington Group gave a fantastic whisky tasting last night in Perth, Scotland.

I can't quite remember the last whisky, but the memory of the Highland Park will linger long!

Fraser at Whisky Tasting 26.02.10.


The legend Gordon Cluckie!

Old Gordon!

My good pal, Old Gordon Lang! What wisdom there is in that person!

Phil enjoying himself for a change!

Don't sit next to Grant Morris!
You've been warned!

George Mcfadzean and Keith!

Gordon and Jim!

Dunc and Evelyn!

Late in the night!

Very late in the night!

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Anonymous said...

Looked like fun.. ahhh, no pooltable???