Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Irresponsible driving at Bealach na Ba Applecross

Irresponsible driving at Bealach na Ba, Applecross.

One of the classic car journeys in Scotland over the Bealach na Ba, the pass of the cattle, out of Applecross.

The Corbett of Sgurr a'Chaorachain can be easily climbed from the top of the pass, but a far better walk is to start at the Bridge over the Russel Burn at Grid Ref 814413. The day we climbed it, it lived up to its name, 'the peak of the little field of berries', as we gorged ourselves on the plentiful blaeberries!

Its neighbour, Beinn Bhan, another corbett is another classic mountain in the Western Highlands which offers some splendid scrambling on the Eastern approach.

If you've never made the trip to Applecross, you must make the effort! It was shown at its best on the BBC programme introduced by Monty Hall, when he 'stayed' at Big Sand for a Summer season!

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