Monday, February 15, 2010

Steall Waterfall Glen Nevis Scotland

Steall Waterfall, Glen Nevis, Scotland.

A favourite short walk of mine is to Steall Waterfall at the head of Glen Nevis! The walk starts at the end of the road up Glen Nevis, where parking is fairly limited. A sign stating 'Danger of Death' shouldn't put you off, but care should be taken as the path winds along the side of the gorge through to the flat plain at Steall.

The waterfall varies considerably depending on rainfall obviously, but the West Coast of Scotland rarely lets us down on that score! An ideal picnic spot, the chaffinches are used to lots of sanwiches being shared! For those with a more daring disposition, the classic wire bridge challenges you to cross the fast flowing river!

The total walk is only four kilometres, but the wilderness of Glen Nevis may draw you further into the Glen!

Friendly Chaffinch at Steall.

Map by Bing Maps.

Steall Waterfall from Carn Dearg, Ben Nevis.

View to Steall, Glen Nevis.

Steall Glen Nevis

Wire Bridge at Steall, Glen Nevis.

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SuziQBird said...

O my! I wanna see Scotland so bad. To take off my shoes n feel that grass between my toes, and smell the fresh air, the river....... see the wildlife. God bless you for sharing with us!