Friday, February 5, 2010

Meall Garbh and Beinn nan Lus Glen Kinglass

Allt Dhoireann from Beinn nan Lus.

A tiring walk from Stronmilchan, Glen Strae, not far from Kilchurn Castle, to climb the Grahams of Meall Garbh and Beinn nan Lus. The walk up Glen Strae is very pleasant, with lots of wildlife appearing and disappearing especially the almost domesticated Mallard Ducks. The rise up to Meall Beithe is gradual, although the path marked on map is questionable at the least. The ridge stretches South West along to the munro of Beinn Eunaich, whilst we were heading North East to the first target of the day, Meall Garbh. After dropping down steeply we ascended Beinn nan Lus, enjoying lovely views of Glen Kinglass. On coming down the hill I could only stare at the 2000 feet that we still had to climb up the Lairig Dhoireann alongside the fast flowing Allt Dhoireann.

A sketchy path in places made for a slow trudge up this last climb of the day, leaving a mucky return to the road down Glen Strae!

Let's just say we'll call this one memorable!

River Kinglass from Meall Garbh.

A lovely view down the Glen!

Meall Garbh, Glen Kinglass.

When descending Meall Garbh, try and avoid the V forming the meeting of the burns as it is fairly steep!

River Kinglass.

Maps from Bing Maps.